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Oscar worthy: Gowns to gawk at

Check out me and some of my Glam girls in fabulous red carpet ready gowns. If you are not already in the Oscar spirit, this should do the trick. First I’ll start you off with some fan favorites. For the finale check out the footage from our day spent at the Fairmont Penthouse showing off dress nominations for this season’s award shows

clique-moanalani-jeffrey-karen-caldwell-red-jersey-gown-tiffany-paloma-picasso-olive-leaf-citrine-look 2

clique-moanalani-jeffrey-karen-caldwell-red-jersey-gown-tiffany-paloma-picasso-olive-leaf-citrine-look 1  clique-moanalani-jeffrey-karen-caldwell-red-jersey-gown-tiffany-paloma-picasso-olive-leaf-citrine-look 3 clique-moanalani-jeffrey-karen-caldwell-tulle-gown-tiffany-paloma-picasso-citrine-olive-leaf-look 1 clique-moanalani-jeffrey-karen-caldwell-tulle-gown-tiffany-paloma-picasso-citrine-olive-leaf-look 2 clique-moanalani-jeffrey-xscape-gown-look 1 clique-moanalani-jeffrey-xscape-gown-look 2 clique-moanalani-jeffrey-xscape-gown-look 3


Check out these three different looks from myself, Ellian Raffoul and Sasha Maksutenko in the video below!

Ellian Raffoul for © Moanalani Jeffrey Photography

Look 1

Gown: Karen Caldwell *shoplocal

Clutch: Treasure Island Flea *shoplocal

Look 2

Gown: Karen Caldwell *shoplocal

Earrings: Tiffany & Co. Paloma Picasso citrine olive leaf

Rings: Tiffany & Co. Paloma Picasso citrine olive leaf & Atlas pierced  rose gold

Look 3

Gown: Xscape (shop brand) styled off the shoulder accented with my own feather boa

Clutch: La Regale

Shoes: Charles Jourdan

Glam.com video look

Gown: Hello Gorgeous #shoplocal

Clutch: Hello Gorgeous #shoplocal

Shoes: Sergio Rossi Puzzle evening sandal *60% off at Shoe Stories of Sausalito  #shoplocal