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Casual Friday: Relax the weekend is near

Two of my favorite items from this casual outfit are from Michael Kors. Both I had to hunt down because I discovered them when all signs were pointing to sold out. A little internet perseverance deffinitly paid off. The jacket is a size too big and the shoes are a half size too small, but I’d rather that than nothing at all.

Clique-Moanalani-Jeffrey-Michael Kors-Waxed-Cotton-Jacket-Skid-Wedge-Lace-Up-Sneaker-Shoes-5426

Clique-Moanalani-Jeffrey-Michael Kors-Waxed-Cotton-Jacket-Skid-Wedge-Lace-Up-Sneaker-Shoes-5507

Clique-Moanalani-Jeffrey-Michael Kors-Waxed-Cotton-Jacket-Skid-Wedge-Lace-Up-Sneaker-Shoes-5476r

Ellian Raffoul for © Moanalani Jeffrey Photography

Jacket: Michael Kors waxed cotton field jacket

Sweatshirt: Mossimo

Leggings: Mimi Chica

Handbag: Zara

Wedge Sneaker Shoes: Michael Kors Skid High buckle lace-up in Cement