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Jumping feet first into festival season


What comes first the shoe or the outfit? I’m hardly ever in flats so finding the right all day long fashion for my feet is not as easy as it seems. If you’re a warrior then go for the wedge. I got these suede boots when I was looking for snow shoes, but I’ve been wearing them out in the sun. I always say if your feet hurt you’re not drinking enough so grab another cocktail.

This festival season I’ve found one of the easiest pair of gladiator sandals to step into. At a price that is right for such a bold look, opening your wallet to this statement trend is a no brainer. Check out both looks below!

Clique-Moanalani-Jeffrey-Suede-Over-the-Knee-Wedge-Boots-Floral-Romper-5057r Clique-Moanalani-Jeffrey-Suede-Over-the-Knee-Wedge-Boots-Floral-Romper-Fringe-Purse-5056r Clique-Moanalani-Jeffrey-Suede-Over-the-Knee-Wedge-Boots-Floral-Romper-Fringe-Purse-5111r Clique-Moanalani-Jeffrey-Cochella-H&M-Mango-Gladiator-4948Clique-Moanalani-Jeffrey-Cochella-H&M-Mango-Gladiator-Fringe-Purse-4951


Clique-Moanalani-Jeffrey-Cochella-H&M-Mango-Gladiator-Fringe-Purse-4970Thank you to fellow blogger and fashion addict Rektok Ross for helping me navigate the blogosphere I call home.Clique-Moanalani-Jeffrey-Cochella-H&M-Mango-Gladiator-Fringe-Purse-4978Ellian Raffoul for © Moanalani Jeffrey Photography

Look 1

Floral romper: Olive Tree *shop similar

Suede over the knee wedge boots: 14th & Union *shop similar

Suede fringe purse: H&M *shop similar

Look 2

H&M Loves Coachella crochet dress: *Available on eBay

Suede fringe purse: H&M *shop similar

Strap cord sandals: Mango