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Redefining birthday blues


My bestie no present policy seems to have gone out the window with my new clutch, that I heart so much. I first saw it at the outlets but held back on splurging. I was so happy when I unwrapped my birthday box to find it waiting for me to rock-guilt free!


It inspired this outfit comprised of one of my favorite dresses, which doesn’t get a lot of rotation because it’s so memorable. My new clutch was the perfect reason to break it out again. I finished the look with a fun pair of shoes that are on sale right now!

Clique-Moanalani-Jeffrey-Gucci-58-Heart-Clutch-Aldo-Olirewia-0514Clique-Moanalani-Jeffrey-Gucci-58-Heart-Clutch-Elizabeth-James-Fete-Dress-Aldo-Olirewia-0377Clique-Moanalani-Jeffrey-Gucci-58-Heart-Clutch-Elizabeth-James-Fete-Dress-Aldo-Olirewia-9882Clique-Moanalani-Jeffrey-Gucci-58-Heart-Clutch-Elizabeth-James-Fete-Dress-Aldo-Olirewia-0076Clique-Moanalani-Jeffrey-Gucci-58-Heart-Clutch-Elizabeth-James-Fete-Dress-Aldo-Olirewia-0147Clique-Moanalani-Jeffrey-Gucci-58-Heart-Clutch-Elizabeth-James-Fete-Dress-Aldo-Olirewia-0173Clique-Moanalani-Jeffrey-Gucci-58-Heart-Clutch-Elizabeth-James-Fete-Dress-Aldo-Olirewia-0466Emmellia Dale for © Moanalani Jeffrey Photography

Dress: Elizabeth and James Fete

Leather clutch: Gucci 58 heart print

Sandals: Aldo Olirewia *DSW on clearance in white and black ($10 off using FALL2015)