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Dress things up: Two separates become one

Clique-Moanalani-Jeffrey-Black-Off-Shoulder-Top-Cotton-On-Skirt-DVF-Flirty-Clutch-Festich-Pink-Nudist-Metallic-1640Finding a great LBD can be as simple as pairing a basic skirt with a fun top, or the other way around. The key to looking seamless is that they are both fitted at the waist. You can use a belt to hide all the connecting traces. If you’re on the fence about color, opt for black to avoid distracting the eye, but this outfit didn’t need one. It’s even sexier when the two pieces separate to reveal their true nature, causing anyone who was watching to do a double take.

Clique-Moanalani-Jeffrey-Black-Off-Shoulder-Top-Cotton-On-Skirt-DVF-Flirty-Clutch-Festich-Pink-Nudist-Metallic-1592 Clique-Moanalani-Jeffrey-Black-Off-Shoulder-Top-Cotton-On-Skirt-DVF-Flirty-Clutch-Festich-Pink-Nudist-Metallic-1791 Clique-Moanalani-Jeffrey-Black-Off-Shoulder-Top-Cotton-On-Skirt-DVF-Flirty-Clutch-Festich-Pink-Nudist-Metallic-1714 Clique-Moanalani-Jeffrey-Black-Off-Shoulder-Top-Cotton-On-Skirt-DVF-Flirty-Clutch-Festich-Pink-Nudist-Metallic-1659

Marika Stuurman for © Agency Moanalani Jeffrey

Off the shoulder ruffle top:  Forever 21 *shop similar

Basic pencil skirt: Cotton On

Nudist sandal: Stuart Weitzman platinum noir

DVF: Snakeskin lips clutch fetish pink