Qualifying Proof of Purchase

The following information will help you understand what receipts are acceptable and become a Qualified Proof of Purchase.  Only qualified receipts are used for your cash back program.




Brand Identity – The name, abbreviated name or brand identification that Clique Inc. is aware of or is able to confirm as a proper method of identifying a brand on a receipt.


Delivery Receipt – A receipt that indicates a product was ordered online and needs to be either delivered to the purchaser or picked up by the purchaser. 


Place of Purchase – the business where the product was purchased from


Purchase Date – The date printed on the receipt that shows an item has been paid for in full.


Purchaser – the person who actually pays for the items.


Receipt Number – a unique number that allows Clique Inc. to track the receipt with the Place of Purchase.



To be considered a Qualified Proof of Purchase, the following must apply:

  1. All uploaded receipts must be received within 30-days of the Purchase Date.
  2. The product purchase must have a clear Brand Identified.
  3. The amount paid for the product must be clearly identifiable to automation and or Clique Inc.
  4. The receipt must state the business from which it was generated.
  5. The receipt must have a Receipt Number.
  6. The receipt must have an itemized list of the products or services purchased.
  7. In the event that a Delivery Receipt is uploaded, the receipt must show that delivery was made and accepted. Receipts with a status of ordered or shipped or pending or similar wording or meaning shall not be accepted.


Last Revised 2022-09-27


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